Several final projects developing in CIQSO have been defended

1.- Student: Jesús Ángel Martín Fernández
Title: “Selective functionalization of 1,3–Eninos by catalytic nitrene transfer”
Supervisor: Dr. M. Mar Díaz Requejo (Homogeneous Catalysis Lab)

2.- Student: Manuel Redondo López
Title: “Searching for a nickel catalyst for the homocoupling reactions of aryl methyl ethers”
Supervisor: Dr. M. Auxiliadora Prieto Cárdenas (Homogeneous Catalysis Lab)

3.- Student: Patricia Porras Suárez
Title: “Synthesis and characterization of polytopic ligands derived from veratrol and 1,2,3- triazole for the design of polymetallic supramolecular structures”
Supervisors: Dr. Antonio J. Martínez Martínez and Dr. M. Ángeles Fuentes Domínguez (Supramolecular Organometallic and Main Group Chemistry Laboratory)

4.- Student: Jesús Martínez Medina
Title: “Synthesis of new catalysts over graphene and their study in catalysis.”
Supervisors: Drs. Ana Caballero Bevia and Dr. Manuel Romero Fructos-Vázquez. (Homogeneous Catalysis Lab)

5.- Student: Francisco Germán Blandón Cumbreras
Title: “Photoactivation of new adhesives based on natural resources”
Supervisors: Dr. José Antonio González Delgado and Dr. David Benjamín Guzmán Ríos (Organic Synthesis and Photochemistry Laboratory)

6..- Student: Sergio Garrido López
Title: “Influence of supramolecular entities on terpenoids cyclization”
Supervisors: Dr. Jesús Fernández Arteaga and Dr. José Antonio González Delgado (Organic Synthesis and Photochemistry Laboratory)