CCIQSO Researchers participate at the “Symposium of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry 2021: Online Conference” (27th to 30th September 2021)

Oral communications:

  • “Exploring the Low-valent Chemistry of Bimetallic Group 13 Systems”, Dr. Antonio Martínez Martínez (Leader of “Supramolecular Organometallic and Main Group Chemistry” Group
  • “Photo-Responsive Supramolecular Peptide Dimerization”, Dr. Patricia Remón Ruíz (Organic Synthesis and Photochemistry Laboratory)


  • “Photoactivatable Ru(II)-Complex for the Photorelease of an Organocatalyst”, Dr. Jesús Fernández Arteaga, Poster P031A, Organic Synthesis and Photochemistry Laboratory.
  • “Hydroboration of Alkynes Catalyzed by Magnesium: Dinuclear Organomagnesium Catalysis”, Dr. Ángeles Fuentes Domínguez, Poster P005, Supramolecular Organometallic and Main Group Chemistry.
  • “Two Copper-Carbenes from One Diazo Compound”, Dr. María Álvarez Martínez, Poster P251, Homogeneous Catalysis Laboratory.
  • “Olefin aziridination catalyzed by copper complex in water”, Elena Borrego Blanco, Poster P271, Homogeneous Catalysis Laboratory.
  • “Polinuclear Gold(I) Complexes Bearing A PNP Ligand: Catalytic Activity”, Martina Casciotti, Poster P279, Homogeneous Catalysis Laboratory.
  • “Encapsulation of amino Rh(I) organometallic complexes inside a supramolecular gallium metallocage”, Ignacio Izquierdo Sanchez, Poster P345, Supramolecular Organometallic and Main Group Chemistry
  • “Alkane C-H bond activation by TpxIr(III) complexes”, Jonathan Martinez Laguna, Poster P376, Homogeneous Catalysis Laboratory.
  • “Copper Catalyze the Chemoselective Nitrene Transfer Reaction to the Double or Triple Bond of Enynes”, Anabel Moreno Rodriguez, Poster P393, Homogeneous Catalysis Laboratory.
  • “Selective formation of Si-N bonds by catalytic nitrene insertion into Si-H bonds of silanes”, Jorge Pérez Ruíz, Poster P412, Homogeneous Catalysis Laboratory.
  • “ADAP-CuCl complexes as highly active catalysts for the functionalization of N-Heterocycles”, Juan Diego Pizarro Javier, Poster P421, Homogeneous Catalysis Laboratory.
  • “C–H Bond Activation by a Low-valent Bimetallic Ga(I) System”, Hellen Videa, Poster P467, Supramolecular Organometallic and Main Group Chemistry.