(NHC)M Cores as Catalysts for the Olefin Aziridination Reaction (M = Cu, Ag, Au): Evidencing a Concerted Mechanism for the Nitrene Transfer Process

Pérez-Ruíz, P. J. Pérez, M. M. Díaz-Requejo Organometallics 2022, https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.organomet.2c00310

Complexes of the form [(NHC)MCl] (M = coinage metal) have been evaluated as catalysts for the olefin aziridination reaction using PhI═NTs as the nitrene source, with moderate to high activity being found depending on the metal and the olefin. At variance with frequently employed copper catalysts with bi-, tri-, or tetradentate N-donor ligands, these monodentante C-donor ligands induce a remarkable effect in the reaction mechanism. Experimental evidence supports the proposal of a concerted mechanism and the absence of radical intermediates, which are the commonly proposed species involved in these nitrene transfer reactions.