Mater Thesis Projects!

Two of the students from the Interuniversitary Master’s Degree in Applied Chemistry developed their project in our Center

On July 1st, Sarah Ramos Izquierdo (left) and Noelia Jiménez Sierra (right) presented and defended their Final Master’s Projects corresponding to the Interuniversity Master’s Degree in Applied Chemistry (Course 2020-2021). Congratulations to them and their directors for their excellent projects and presentations.

“Activation Of X-H Links Through Transfer Of Carbens From Diaryldiazocomposes” by Sarah Ramos Izquierdo (Master student).
Directors: Manuel Romero Fructos and María Álvarez Martínez (Laboratory of Homogeneous Catalysis).

Hydroboration of CO2 and alkynes catalyzed by dinuclear complexes of Mg and Ca” by Noelia Jiménez Sierra (Master student).
Directors: Antonio Martínez Martínez and M. Ángeles Fuentes (Laboratory of Supramolecular Organometallic and Main Group Chemistry).