Gold nanoparticles-catalysed functionalization of carbon-hydrogen bonds by carbene transfer reactions

Martínez, A. Mollar-Cuni, D. Ventura-Espinosa, S. Martín Solans, A. Caballero, J. A. Mata, P. J. Pérez Dalton Trans., 2022, DOI

Gold nanoparticles stabilized by NHC ligands and supported onto reduced graphene oxide (rGO) catalyse the functionalization of cyclohexane and benzene C-H bonds upon insertion of carbene CHCO2Et (from N2=CHCO2Et) groups. This is the first example in which such Csp3 or Csp2 bonds are functionalized with this strategy with nanoparticulated gold. This Au-NP@rGO material shows an exceptional activity, providing TON values 5-10 times higher than those already reported for molecular gold catalysts. Recyclability is also effective, reaching an accumulate TON value of 1400 after six consecutive uses.