Energy-transfer sensitization of BODIPY fluorescence in a dyad with a two-photon absorbing antenna chromophore

Antonio Domínguez-Alfaro, Vânia F. País, David B. Guzmán-Ríos, Daniel Collado, Francisco Nájera Ezequiel Pérez-Inestrosa, Uwe Pischel, Dyes & Pigments, 2022,

A bichromophoric dyad composed of a Prodan-derived moiety and a BODIPY dye was prepared, photophysically characterized, and tested for multiphoton fluorescence microscopy of N13 microglial cells. The dyad shows highly efficient energy transfer, independent on the solvent polarity of the medium. However, in polar media photoinduced electron transfer is a competitive pathway. The Prodan-derived chromophore shows significant two-photon absorption. Hence, it can be used a two-photon-absorbing antenna for the sensitization of BODIPY fluorescence.