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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Unit

400 NMR Spectrometer

– Bruker 400 MHz HPPR2

– Autotune multinuclear two channels Bruker probe

– Variable temperature unit: -80 to +180˚C

500 NMR Spectrometer

– Bruker 500 MHz HPPR2

– 5 mm Bruker Prodigy Cryoprobe multinuclear two channels

– Variable temperature unit: -30 to +180˚C


We offer multinuclear NMR, mono and bidimensional analyses of liquid samples. Also the possibility to study samples at different temperatures. The use of the 500 MHz spectrometer equipped with the cryoprobe is indicated for highly diluted samples and the need of high resolution NMR data. This NMR technique is routinely used for compound identification and characterization data.